Sunday, July 8, 2012

Metal Art

I am just coming up on my fourth year of home ownership. It has been a fun adventure in remodeling, designing and decorating. When decorating my home with trimmings I like to incorporate a lot of art. And not just framed art, but art in all forms. One of my favorites is metal art. My mother in law bought me a piece of metal art from Alexa Running. It's a metal dove and has a hanging hook in the back to display on the wall.

I loved it so much that I wanted to start collecting more metal art. So I had Alexa make this tree for me. Kind of a "tree of life" sort of a thing.

Alexa does a wide range of metal art. Here are some samples.

Being the HUGE fan of AMCs The Walking Dead, I was partial to this zombie :) I think it would make a perfect gift for my friend Trena over at Rainey Creek Home who is fully prepared for the zombie apocolypse.

Being from Arizona, I am having to adapt to southern ways of life. One thing I have fuly grasped in initials and monogramming! I got myself a letter "L," as my last name is Laymon. And that is just the beginning of all things letter "L." I bought this metal letter at Kirkland, but I am considering having a new one custom made from Alexa's dad, John Running, who does this sort of thing proffessionally. I'd like to have one custom made with embellishments of things that represent our family. Here are some samples I've seen on his website.

The thing I love most about metal art is the texture it adds to your room. It is a unique form of decoration and it brings such dimension to the room. With John Running's art you can also have custom made pieces that reflect your family or your own design tastes. It can be a perfect custom fit for your home!

Contact John to get your metal art!


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  1. You have some great pieces of metal art here. I love the Key would love to have this in my home.
    a place i have found some interesting pieces is