Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's talk TV!

I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have a few obsessions. Among them is obsessive thoughts. I will think about things until I am sick. Little insignificant things that don't matter. After I make cookies I will sit and wonder if I added another tablespoon of flower if they would have risen higher or just become harder. And I will think about it until it drives me nuts and I make cookies AGAIN just to satisfy that obsessive thought.

I know, I know. Crazy. But at least I'm at peace with my craziness. I feel bad for some people in my life, **ahem**, who are so insecure with their sensitivities and instabilities that they make stupid decisions that affect everyone in their lives and then pretend like they are the victims because they couldn't possibly have anything at all wrong with them. Sad lives. And then leave everyone else to clean up their mess because they won't acknowledge it. Accept your inner crazy and deal with it. End rant.

When I work I turn on the tv for background noise so that I don't think about stuff until I want to dig my finger nails into the cement walls!!! My dad is an accountant and owns his own successful firm. During tax season when he works late nights he puts on what he calls his "tax season movies." This is any movie you've seen more times than your own face so that it can play in the background and you can watch it without actually having to look at the screen to know what is going on. But after Boondock Saints for the four millionth time, I decided to move on to tv.

I love netflix! Lots of good tv shows. Does anyone have any good series to recommend? I love the AMC shows The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

 I have also seen all the Deadliest Catch series and Ice Road Truckers ;). I recently started Lost and oh much what the heck is up with that show?! I didn't finish. . .

I have started Supernatural and let me just say that I am one Supernatural episode away from buying a teeny-bopper magazine for some Sam and Dean posters. My birthday is coming up, by the way. I am not normally a fan of CW tv shows. I usually think they are pure garbage and dramatic trash that the people I mentioned above who can't accept their insecurities watch to find someone with an equally sad life to connect with since they are incapable of connecting with real people. But, I may have changed my mind after watching Supernatural. Not Vampire Diaries, though. Total VOM right there.
Yes, please.

I'll take two.

***Confession: I have seen every episode of Vampire Diaries. :) But not because I am looking for someone with a sad pathetic life, but because Ian Somerhalder is vvveeerrrryyy good looking. :)

There are a lot things on netflix that interest me. I majored in English in college and was very interested in a documentary on Mark Twain. But I sat and watched it instead of working :) So if I am going to have the tv on it has to be something that I am way into, but it also can't be soooo bad that I watch it to if it can possibly get any worse (Vampire Diaries). It has to be in the middle somewhere.

Any suggestions on what I should start after I finish Supernatural?


P.S. Sorry if I offended any Vampire Diaries fans.

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