Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Funny things I have said to clients

So. . .  I don't usually go back and read what I have typed to my clients. I really should though because sometimes I have the TV or Radio on while I do quotes. Or I just mistype, which is usually the case. Here are some emberrassments I could have spared myself by proofreading:

Client: ". . . I have ordered from you before. . . "
Me: "Yes, I recognized your name when it pooped up in my email!"

Client: "This is all over my head. I have no clue how to proceed with the measurements. Do your videos explain what an "Inside Count" is?"
Me: "Sorry, that should have said "Inside Mount." (autocorrect)

.Me: "Here is your quote" TWO Flat Inside Mount Roman Shades BEFORE the cost of family. . . " (I remember this one well. I had Pawn Stars on in the background. . . ).

Client: "I sent the fabric to your business today."
Me: "Erect!" (autocorrect,* perfect*)

Me: "Our current turnaround time is 68 weeks." ( 6-8**)

Me: "You will need 56 yards of your home decor fabric. . . ."
Client: "56 yards?!?!" (The 'y' for yards is awfully close to that 6. . . ).

Me: "The quote below includes the cost of all ingredients except fabric." (ingredients, because I'm gonna go cook you up a roman shade! Should have said materials).

Client: "Do you have an ETA for my shade?"
Me: "Let me check on the status with my sister." (Should have said seamstress).

Client: "Do you have any additional pointers or tips for mounting? I'm really not handy."
Me: "Let me ask my wife. He does my installations and might be able to help."
Me later: "Husband. I will be asking my husband. I am the wife." (I have no excuse for this one. . . ). (I wish I had a wife, more might get done around the house. I am Mormon and a lot of people ask me, "Are you guys polygomysts?" or however you spell it. . .  My response is usually, "At least once a day I wish that rumor were true").

Client: "I've ordered a shade from you before for my patio doors. . . "
Me: "Yah, I remember exactly which ones those were! Gorgeous! And I remember you're in King Of Prussia. I went there during my last Pennsylvania trip and went to this great resteraunt called, "Yummies." Have you been there?!"
Client: "That wasn't me."
Me: ". . . "

I'm sure there are tons more and there are just nice people out that that just try to figure out what I am really trying to say and then don't say anything to me. :) So I never know it's there.

I hope these made you laugh a little. Now what would your day be like today had I proofread? I think my errors add that much more to my personality. I don't know what "Erect!" says exactly about my personality, but whatevs.

Have a happy day!


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