Sunday, January 27, 2013

Keeping the "fun" in Dysfuncitonal

Mondays with Melissa 

Flu, day 5. As I have been lying in bed staring at the back of my eyelids praying that everything in my body will just stay still, there have been certain events unfolding in my family. I have had lots of time in bed to sit and think about my family and what a wonderful thing family can be if everyone just accepts and embraces their inner crazy. :)

As Lucille Bloothe says in Arrested Development, "We may pick on each other, get into little scrapes, call each other names and occasionally steal from each other, but that’s because we are family."

How I came to be Wonder Woman by Keeping the "fun" in dysfunctional.

In as far as I know, my story begins with my Grandma, Ida, and my Grandpa, George. My grandpa, George, died in September of 1992, but Grandma Ida is still going strong! The following story is as told to me by Harold.

Grandma Ida has a friend, Harold, who has been my grandpa's friend since circa Jurassic prehistoric era. Grandpa George and Harold were going to take their girlfriends on a date one night. 

While getting ready for this date, Harold thought it would be a great idea if they just married their girlfriends that night. Sounds like a fun date night. So Harold and grandpa asked their girlfriends to meet them on Main Street in Mesa, Arizona, and the plan was to then go and get married. This plan, of course, was unbeknownst to the girlfriends.

So, Grandma Ida pulled up in her car with who was supposed to Harold's girlfriend. She couldn't make it that night. So Gram found another girl for Harold to go out with that night. And, just as they had planned, they went and married their dates that night.

Harold and his wife, affectionately known as "the battleax" are still married to this day. 

Grandma and Grandpa stayed married to each other through thick and thin until Gpa died in 1992. And thus began the dysfunction and how Melissa came to be.

Stay tuned for more memoirs from Melissa on Mondays with Melissa. How do you keep the "fun" in dysfunction?

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