Thursday, January 24, 2013

Closing Etsy Store details

Bye Bye, Etsy!

Okay, this is kind of a sad post for me. Etsy and I have had such a good relationship, but it is time to go. And I am really sad about it. Seriously, I haven't felt this disappointed since my cousin, Michael, told me Santa wasn't going to be able to get to my house on Christmas because he traded his reindeer for some Victoria's Secret women. 

This was my first etsy picture. When I first opened I think I had four listings. And this was the one for roman shades. 

So, this has been a long time coming, but a recent event was just the straw on the camel's back for me:

I did originally have all my reasons written here but it sounded really whiny. Actually, it was really whiny. Because I am sad about this. But the gist of it is that etsy was getting too involved where it shouldn't have and not involved enough where it needed to be like when people put outright blatant lies in your feedback section and you provide all the necessary proof against it! (P.S. 40 days is not 2.5 months, in case you can't add. It feels good to get my bitterness out there).

So we will be taking custom orders now exclusively through our website,

Also, we are offering 50% off on our ready to ship items in our etsy shop through tomorrow (we will close the shop at midnight tomorrow). Use coupon code CLOSING to get 50% off. Contact me for custom yardage for fabric.

This coupon is good for the yellow zig zag curtains, however they are not yet constructed. We have all the supplies for them. But they will be made in our regular turnaround time. Everything else is ready to ship.

IF you have an open order with us, do not worry. We will still be accessible on etsy and we will still be responding and communicating with you through etsy until your order has been completed. 

Click here to view what is available for purchase in our etsy shop.

So long, etsy!

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  1. That is nice and cute. Will you buy window shades for your house? Check out the link and see lovely designs. You'll love the designs.