Friday, January 18, 2013

Hashtag game #TextHap

Hello, readers.I want to get to know you. :)

So, every Friday we're going to hashtag and I want to hear your stories!

Today's hashtag: #TextHap

This past week I registered for my race in Dublin.

So, I have been at the gym a lot. Right now, as I am just starting my training, I am doing a lot of endurance training on the eliptical.

The other day I was on the eliptical that faces a window into the room with a running track. I saw this kid who couldn't be older than 21 with his brand spanking new baby! (Childwatch at the gym doesn't take babies until 6 weeks). So this guy had his baby in a jogging stroller and was running on the indoor track!

When I saw this I thought, way to go, kid! Keep doing what your doing and bring that baby right along. (When I started having kids I was just a term shy of graduating college and my grandma told me to just stick my babies under my arm and carry them along for the ride). 

I thought of a few friends I knew who felt bound to their boppies and hadn't left their homes after their babies were born. So I thought this would be inspiring. I got my phone to take a picture of this guy running so I could post on my friend's FB. 

It all happened so fast I'm not even sure where it started. But right after I started writing a caption for this photo I found myself face to the eliptical screeen, arms around the handles and my feet bellow me frantically searching for the pedals. EVERYONE was looking at me. And the worst part was that I could't just brush it off and say, "No, that's not what you saw." because even moments after it happened I was still scrambling for my footing. So everyone looking got a good long look. 

Don't text and operate heavy machinary. #TEXTHAP!

What emberassments have you caused yourself from texting? I will highlight a few next week and be giving out coupons for participants. :) Leave a comment below!

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