Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Horizontal Stripe Curtains, Client Love

Horizontal Stripe Curtains

When I first received my horizontal striped fabric I made a curtain panel to show what it would like, but my house isn't exactly designed for horizontal stripes. Or gray. So I am happy to present the horizontal stripe curtain in a room where it looks fabulous!

This is baby Marlowe's nursery. He was born in early December.


  1. Looks great! I also have curtains as "doors" in my son's closet. So much better than those awful sliding doors!

  2. THese are adorable Melissa! Is the material silk or cotton?

  3. It really looks fabulous! The curtain blends with your light-painted wall and big brown sofa. It’s an incredible idea to turn your curtain into a door to your closet. It’s more convenient; you can simply pull it to open and it won’t hurt you when you bump into it. :)

    {Roxie Tenner }