Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Sponsor Families

January Sponsor Families

This month we will be sponsoring the families of the victim’s of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.
Normally throughout the month I do several posts on our sponsor families, but I will not be doing that this month as it makes me physically ill to even think about this senseless act having a five year old son, myself.  So I will just be doing this one post to let you know that $5 of every order placed this month is going to this cause.

On occasion I get the kind and selfless patrons who wish to donate more to our sponsor families or match our donation. But I am going to include a link to where we will be donating the funds to at the end of the month and if you are one of those people that wish to do a little more you can do it through this link instead of through me.


We will return to our regular sponsor families and write ups, etc next month.

Please feel free to use the coupon FREESHIP for free shipping on your next order with us. This coupon applies to domestic purchases only and is good on shipping amounts up to $30.

We appreciate you all for your business and those who offer encouraging words through comments on our blogs to our sponsor families. Thank you all! 

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