Friday, February 22, 2013

Song of the South Room

Summer Project:
Song of the South Room 

I am undertaking a large project for the summer that will probably take every ounce creativity, talent and time that I possess. But it will be worth the outcome!

This is my children's bedroom as it stands currently. Mess and all. It is, or was at one time a "When you wish upon a star. . . " themed. The walls are blue, but when when you turn off the light there is glow in the dark stars and start dust all over the ceiling and slanted ceilings with shooting stars. I achieved this look by first painting wooden star cutouts in glow in the dark paint. Then I put the glow in the dark paint on a plate, dipped a scrunched up bar towel in it and dabbed on the paint for the star dust.

So here's the new plan.

First, the window. I think we will do two half width ruffle to prod pocket curtain lined in blackout using Premier Prints "Willow" in Italian Brown.

Next, on either side of the window there will be two Cherry Blossom trees on the walls with Brer Bear and Brer fox painted on the wall as in the second image. But I will create tree branches to come out off of the walls and there will be a stuffed animal hamock hanging from the tree branches.

Next, left wall where the little desk is. We will take that desk out and cut it down to a smaller size. No longer "L" shaped. On the left side of the desk will be this on the wall:
It will be one complete fence post (we only see on part in the image). The fence post will come out from off the wall where the kids can hang backpacks and jackets, etc. Fence as pictured below.

Right wall, or if looking at the image that looks at the door it's the left corner, is going to be the naughty corner/timeout corner, or the briar patch.

With this on the wall:

The wall color will likely stay the same, but wall art will be wood with phrases from the book and movie on it:

Other will include: 

"It was one of those Zip-a-dee-doo-dah days- the kind of day where you can't open your mouth without a song jumpin' out."
"Everybody's got a laughin' place - trouble is most folks won't take the time to go look for it. And where it is for one, mightn't be for another"Outside there door will have a similar wooden marker reading "To our laughing place."

I am going to have the kids make their own picture frames out of sticks and rocks and other things like that. I also plan to paint a light switch plate, outlet plug plates and other picture frames from The Glazed Bisque It paint your own pottery. I will also have the kids paint some picture frames there as well.

This is going to be a long project as I will be painting A LOT of detailed images. I'm not too bad though. I have been blessed with many talents and painting and drawing is one of them. I drew this picture for my son's "Wish Upon A Star" room until he started pulling it off the wall. I had to hide it after that:

  1. And I drew this with watercolor crayons on Sunday for my daughter. It isn't the best, but I only had about 5 minutes to do it before she got interested in something else.

    So I think this room is going to use every bit of talent I possess. We'll see if I have I have enough of it!  I'll keep you posted as we go! We'll spend the next month or so acquiring materials and then start probably mid April. And take alllll summer!


  1. That's funny - I had thought of doing a nursery in this theme at one point. Such a cute idea!

  2. Thanks! If you like the outcome maybe we can do it for you when there are four Tafoyas ;)