Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ugliest Fabric Vote

The Ugly Fabric Challenge:
The Ugly Fabric Vote

WARNING this may cause your eyes to bleed!

Below you will find the submissions to the Ugly Fabric Challenge. Please submit one vote per person. Vote by leaving the fabric name in a comment.

Voting will go until Sunday March 3, 11:59 pm ET. The top three votes will win a 50 % off coupon. All other entries that did not make the top three will be given a 10% off coupon.
(*Coupon may not be used on custom printed fabrics such as horizontal stripe).

I will then create window treatments from the top 3 fabrics to be voted on for ugliest, best treatment for the products used, etc. If anyone has any voting category suggestions I welcome them. 

You may browse the Ugly Fabric selection here or on Pinterest.

Thank you all for participating!

Antlers by Beth

Skateboards by Ashleigh

Be A Man by Meagan

Blue. . . . by Dawn

Bubbles and Bruises by Julianne

Hunky Cowboys by Emily

Craig Sagar's Suits by Lauar

Creepy Staring Bears by Chelsey

Tropical Paradise by Erin

Floral Guitars by Kendra

Headgear Dragons by Megan

Kidneys by Brandon

Macarena Monkeys by tbongrl

Medalions  by jglitter

Mushrooms by Adria

Night Terrors by Annie

Nuff Said by Sayra

Orange and Purple by Christina

Parasites by Sarah

Raw Meat by Beth

Sheep Butts by Kelsey

Tiger Heads by Erica

Wacky Turds by Azure

X Ray Butterflies by Julie M.

Staring Cows by Tracy

Cats by Emily Clark

Adele's dress by Cindy

Leave your vote in a comment below and see who the top three finalists are next week!
Have fun!


  1. OMG. That whacky turd is a close second but raw meat gets my vote. Why does that exist?!

  2. Raw Meat! Reminds me of Lady Gaga's meat dress, ugh!!

  3. There are some very ugly fabrics in contention, but Raw Meat is by far the worst fabric pattern I have ever seen. It is not only ugly; it is disgusting. By the way, the Scalamandre Zebra that you are using to promote the contest is among my all time favorite fabrics.

  4. Gee, so many ugly fabrics but Raw Meat is the winner!

  5. They are all ugly but raw meat is disgustingly ugly!

  6. raw Meat by Beth for me!! Ew!
    Happy Monday.

  7. Raw meat unfortunately!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  8. Holy ugly! But I have to agree...Raw meat is pretty rancid.

  9. I second Ann's comment on Scalamandre Zebras. This is a classic and iconic pattern that has been around since the 1940s and has a cult following amongst some of the world's top interior designers and stylists. I would recommend removing Zebras from the Pinerest board. Love it or hate it, it certainly is not appropriate to include alongside these other monstrosities.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. This is just for fun and is not meant to offend anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I will keep it on respecting the opinion of the person who thinks it is "ugly" and I will respect your opinion by allowing your comment to remain on the blog. Thank you for your input.

      Personally, I like some of the fabrics on here. I thought the bears were cute. And I could see cafe curtains out of the cows! And I am 95$ sure I've made my sister scrub tops out of the butterflies. :) It's all just for fun and meant to be kept light. I'm sorry if you were offended that someone thought something was "ugly" that you liked. Stay tuned! I hope you won't stop following the challenge because of that. It's going to be very interesting! :)

  10. Raw Meat - it's in a class all by itself.

  11. Thanks, Melissa! It is such a fun idea, and I can't wait to see the final results! :)

    1. Have you seen it in red on these dining room chairs from Lynn Chalk?

      Lynn is amazing!

    2. Oh, I love those chairs! I wish I had seen them last week when I wrote a post on the Zebras. I am completely obsessed with them... Thank you for sending!!

  12. I can barely type these words, but Raw Meat gets my vote.

  13. Raw meat wins...hands down. And, I like my beef rare!

  14. Going with wacky turds... gross.

  15. It's funny that most people here perceive raw meat as grosser than poop! :)

  16. Macarena monkeys

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