Monday, February 18, 2013

What were they thinking?

I was writing up a blog post on how accent walls, or more specifically painting one wall one color and the other three another color is OUT! I was cruising around Pinterest looking for some support photos and I thought I'd post some images I found in keeping with our Ugly Fabric Challenge theme. 

I call this, "What were they thinking?" 

No comment. It speaks for itself.

I think my favorite part of this is the faucet to the tub. Where does one find such an item?

In college I was a performing arts major for about 5 minutes and in stage craft we made walls like this for the Anne Frank play that takes place is the attic. . . . 

I thought I was looking at an image of my children's bedroom for a second. I left my daughter alone in her room with a paint marker once during nap time. . . . The evidence of that day is still all over the walls, mattress, and bed frame to remind me daily to search the room for anything permanent before nap time.

My eyes are having a hard time focusing on this. I am literally squinting.

I was thinking about our Ugly Fabric Challenge and how some people can take a pretty fabric and use it to death until it is ugly. Don't over do it!

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