Monday, February 11, 2013

Premier Prints New Fabric Line!!

Okay, peeps. So a while ago I wrote a blog post making fun of Premier Prints because I thought they took their zig zag stripes a little too far. They just kept makin' 'em and makin' 'em. Seeing Premier Prints fabrics more than any other, I couldn't help but wonder how many times Premier Prints was going to chew up the zig zag stripe, partially digest it then regurgitate it into the latest craze! So I made the zip a dee do da stripe.

And here it is! From the very womb of Premier Prints where the zig zag is reproduced incessantly, PP has birthed for our continued pleasure. . . . .

Diva and Zapp

These are available in many different colorways.

Now, I only have a "tone" because I've seen zig zag stripe more than I've seen my own face. But there are a few new ones that are variations on old Premier Prints designs that I haven't seen so much it makes my eyes go square.

Cute new stuff!

Now don't mistake my "tone." Just because I have seen zig zag so many times doesn't mean I don't want to work with it or won't. Nearly a year ago I wrote a blog post about Robert Allen's Khanjali Peacock. To this day I still get people writing me and saying, "I know how you feel about this fabric, but would you consider making my treatments anyway?" Yes! Just because I think something is ugly or looks like an infected gaping surgical incision oozing with gangrene doesn't mean I won't work with it. If you supply the fabric, I make the window treatment. So bring on the zippys and the zappys and the zooms zooms and whatever else. 

There are always special people in this world who like to shop for their fabric while intoxicated and pick out things that no person in their right mind would be able to make coordinate with anything unless they were decorating a pigs sty. But have no fear. All window treatments that I make are created equal and not judged by the color of their fabric but the quality of their construction. ;)

I bet I'd change my mind if I could see the window treatments. My clients always say, "I'll send pictures!" and then I never hear from them again. Does anyone have pictures of any Premier Prints fabrics in roman shades?

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