Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zombie Decor

Walking Dead comes back this week! Woot!

May I ladel you a piping hot bowl of sexy?

Here are some zombie home decor items I thought were fun. You can click the picture to see where you can buy them. You are welcome to present them to your home decor designer as inspiration photos ;)

What are you doing for the mid season premier? I am going to my friend, Trena's from Rainey Creek Home. She is responsible for my Walking Dead obsession. 

What are you hoping to see this season? I hope to see Daryl and Merle step it up a little and do something the "Governor" because, frankly, he's annoying as all heck and I think they only thing that will be satisfying to me is to watch him be taken down by Daryl and Merle ;)

I hope Carl doesn't turn into a psycho that burns ants with a magnifying glass.

I would like to see Andrea get a grip! She's all bozzin' and whorin' it up with governor and that was a disappointment. She's weak.

I would also like to see a lot more of Carol. I like Carol.

I think Hershel will die. Just sayin'. He doesn't stand a chance.

What would you like to see this season? Any predictions?

Walking Dead, AMC this Sunday!! 

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