Thursday, February 7, 2013

Successful Pattern Layering

Horizontal stripe blue and white fabric image from Joy By The Yard.
Layering patterns is simple and there only a few key points to remember.
Image from

Odd numbers work best. Use at least three.

Image from
Your first choice of pattern should be large scale and should be the main focal point of all the patterns you select.

The second pattern you select should be half the scale of the first pattern and should be a different design from the first. For example, if your first pattern choice is a large floral consider a geometric, plaid or stripe for your second choice.

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For your third pattern choice it can be similar to either of the first pattern choices but on a smaller scale. But this time focus on matching  the colors from the first two choices.
For your final fabric choice (whether it is the third one talked above previously or the fifth) make it a very small scale pattern.

All fabrics in the image above are from Lynn Chalk's fabric store.

All fabrics in the image above are from Decorate 23.

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