Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ask Melissa: Ordering Custom Work, where do I start?

We get a few people every once in a while that write their first etsy message ever to us! I'm honored. Truly. And they say, "I want custom window treatments, but I have no clue what to do." And sometimes that's all the message says. So here's what to do!

1) Have an idea of what you want. Head over to Pinterest, or other design blogs and websites, and get some inspiration for your space. 

If you're like me, not tech savvy and have little knowledge of navigating the Internet, I have some other recommendations for you. These might be useful for even tech savvy folks as well.

a) Check out a design book from the library. I still do this to keep my ideas sharp about window treatments and to revive some old fashions with a fresh new twist :)

b) Go to model homes in your area. They usually have the latest in window treatment fashions as they are designs by interior decorators. Take some pictures while you're there!

2) Pick your fabric! I have a small selection in my etsy store to consider. But you may also check out my fabric supplier Lynn Chalk,

Or you may browse any of the other fabric stores on my recommendations page on my website:

THEEEEE most IMPORTANT thing to remember when you are browsing for fabrics is that window treatments should be made from a Home Decor Weight fabric. You should make sure you are in the Home Decor section of whatever fabric store you are browsing. If you are not sure if what you are looking at is a home decor fabric, please send me a link and I can tell you. Or you can look for the following indicators: the fabric should be 54" wide or more, medium weight or heavier, or indicate in the description that it is used in home decor or for window treatments. 

3) Measure your windows. I have measuring videos for roman shades here on my youtube channel

When measuring, it is important to remember that I will be making your window treatments to be the measurements you provide for me. So please give me the measurements you would like your shade to measure when completed. 

4) With the above information, you should be able to submit your order on the website. But you are more than welcome to contact me personally at my email,, or at the etsy shop.

Whatever method of contact you choose, please include the following in your message to me:
a) what style of window treatment you want
b) the dimensions you want them to be when completed
c) the fabric selection
d) the choice of lining (drapery, blackout or non for curtains and valances)
e) your location. This will help us get an accurate shipping estimate for you.
At this time you should include your inspiration images if you have any.

At this point we will then create a quote based on the information you provided. If you approve the quote, we will then give you the address for shipping your fabric, or we can purchase your fabric for you and add it to the purchase price along with our acquiring fee.

Ordering custom treatments is quite simple. The hard part, and sometimes overwhelming, is fabric choice. If you need help, I am happy to offer assistance. I just need to know what style you are going for and colors you are considering. then I will be happy to make suggestions.

I hear from a few people who have never ordered before and they are very nervous about ordering. I am sure I am only hearing from a handful out of all the people actually considering custom work. I hope this post has been informative in helping you to get past the overwhelming feeling associated with ordering custom work. 

As always, if custom work isn't in the budget, please consider Swags Galore for your window treatments. 

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