Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Ribbon and Trim Sources and Recommendations

Ribbon and Trim Sources 

The question we get asked most often about our trimmed shades is, "am I limited to the black trim in the image?"

The answer is, no. Not only are you not limited to black, but you are also not limited to solid grosgrain.

One of my favorite projects is pictured above. We used ivory linen for the base of the shade and then used leaf green and ivory greek key trim.

For Greek Key trims and tons of other trim options check out M and J Trimmings. These trims can be used in any way and design that you would like them applied to your window treatments. 

For solid color ribbon trim, there are many colors to choose from for this style of window treatment. I've done just about every combination you can think of. We've even changed the base color from white and done shades with a navy base and white ribbon or red base with white ribbon. Whatever combination you can think of! Our ribbon trim source for our solid grosgrain trim is The Ribbon Retreat.  You can purchase samples so you can match the trim to your decor.

Head over to The Ribbon Retreat and imagine all the possibilities! 


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