Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ask Melissa: Why do you not make shades for extra wide windows?

Ask Melissa:
Why Don't you make shades for extra wide windows?

There are several reasons we don't make shades for extra wide windows. 
1) Fabric. Fabric is only 54" wide, typically. Wider shades would result in having seams put in the shade to add pieces of the fabric for width.
2) Ribbing. The ribbing on our shades is created with wooden dowel rods that only come 48" long. 
3) Weight. Wide shades get to be extremely heavy and difficult to manage. They are difficult to raise and lower and the cording system can wear down quickly because of the weight. 
4) Weight, again. Wide shades can be droopy because that much fabric being supported by just wooden dowels can cause drooping.

We will occasionally make shades wider than 52", but we don't recommend going much wider than that. I do wider shades on a case by case basis.

We do have some solutions. We recommend putting two shades on a wide window.

Putting multiple shades on wide windows gives you more control over the lighting in your space.

The shades are also easier to use when they are lighter and have a left and right pull control.

For shades going on the same window we always match up the patterns so that the shades flow nicely.

We also make our mounting blocks a half inch narrower than the shade in an effort to eliminate the gap between the two shades. 

For window near each other, but not quite the same window, we always make our shades identical so they will match in your space. 

We will consider doing extra wide shades if they are for decorative purposes only and made to be non functioning. In this case we can create the shade without seams in it by using a fabric with a print that will allow to be turned sideways, or using a solid. We can also add to pieces of fabric to the sides of the main panel to make up the width if you don't mind the seams. 

I made the shades above for Melanie at My Sweet Savannah. They are two non functioning roman shades made out of linen for two wide windows. The one on the right measured 72" wide. Since it was a solid color we could turn the fabric on its side and use the length for the width since we are limited by a fabric's 54" width. No seams!

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  1. Thanks for the great advice. We just moved into our house and the kitchen is in great need of window drapes because in the morning the sun coming up almost blinds my children at breakfast. I really like the modern look of the drapes in the picture and thank you for the pointers.

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