Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday with Melissa: My Pre-Sew Routine :)

I can sew (and I GET to sew) for 6-8 hour sessions at a time. To be able to do a stretch like this, I have to do my little "pre-sew" routine. I try to be completely focused on sewing while I work. If I am not completely, mind and body, focused on sewing then mistakes happen. So before I sew I like to indulge in some cotton candy for the brain. 

I start by picking out a show or movie to play on the TV while I work. It has to be something I've seen 8 million and a half times so it can just play in the background while I sew and I won't look at the screen or end up sitting and watching it. This week has been:

Next, I browse a few of the online groups and stories I follow. I am a huge nerd for hauntings and paranormal activity. I'm not a huge conspiracy theorist. You'll very rarely hear me participate in conspiracy conversation. But for some reason I LOVE to read about them! On my own time, I've been writing a collection of short stories called, "All The Ways In Which I Die." It's gross exaggerations of everyday normal events that actually occurred in my life, by I die at the end of them somehow. It's a collection of dark comedic horror. So I like to stay sharp by reading a horror story once a day :) Depending on my mood, I'll read the latest haunting, paranormal, horror, or conspiracy story. This week it is: 

Then I turn on the difuser with an essential oil. My favorites are lemongrass, peppermint, wild orange and serenity :) Does any one have any essential oil favorites I should try? I'm thinking of getting Juniper Berry next!

Then I get a gatorade. I am usually prepping throughout the day for a run in the evening. So I start with hydration!

Then, to get into sewing mode, I look at any emails my assistant couldn't answer and enjoy customer appreciation photos. This morning a few came in.

Or I write a blog post :) Then, when I feel sufficiently that I am thinking about pretty and pleasant things (not horror and conspiracy), then I can proceed with a full six hours of sewing!

What are some of your pre-work routines? What do you do to get in the "groove?" Especially on a Monday morning if you are feeling sluggish or like you didn't want the weekend to end?

I'm about to go pop some "wintergreen" in the diffuser and then I'll be ready to go!

I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment and tell me what your prep rituals or slow down rituals are :) I like to change things up every once in a while. Give me some ideas :)

Happy Monday.

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  1. Wow Melissa those are beautiful curtains. It's amazing that you make them by hand. I want to convince my wife to get curtains like that. Hopefully she will agree with me soon.