Monday, September 29, 2014

Popular designs we recreate

Our clients often run into the problem that popular design stores don't carry the window treatments they want in their custom sized window. With an inspiration photo we can recreate anything to fit your size window. We alter the design slightly so as not to infringe on any design right issues with the companies. We will make slight alterations such as a ribbon size, ribbon placement or the fabric will be slightly different. For example, we may use a cotton canvas instead of a cotton duck or cotton twill.

We have a talented team of seamstresses and can recreate most anything with an image to replicate. Here are some samples of window treatments we have recreated based on an inspiration picture.

The curtains in the image above are lined with a pink lining. When the light shines through the window you can see the pink. It is a nice, subtle feminine touch. One of my favorite projects!

We started making the ribbon trim shades after so many of our clients had custom sized windows that this particular design from major stores could not accommodate. We changed the design slightly from the original designer store pattern by making ours with cotton canvas instead of twill for the base and using a 2.25" wide ribbon instead of 1.75" wide. We also have it inset 3" down the length sides and across the bottom.

The Greek Key design came to us from another popular design store inspiration image. The design store could not accommodate custom window sizes, so we created our own design and started applying it to shades, curtains and even pillows!

Sorry for the terrible image, but it's the design that's important :) We had a customer once send us images she took in a cafe in Europe and ask us to recreate the window treatments! The design was complicated, but came out beautifully when it was finished.

We recreated this penant valance from an inspiration photo from a client. She picked her own coordinating fabrics.

For these particular curtains, the client sent us an image that looked similar to this, but she wanted the colors to be different. So we tracked down the fabrics and found them in the specific colors: Virginia Tech colors! (Yes, the VT colors were picked on purpose). 

And one of our most asked for recreations is the Harper Shade from Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn only offers select sizes. We have changed the placement of the ribbon to be inset a little more than pottery barns. We also used slightly different sizes of ribbon and our base fabric is cotton canvas instead of twill.

We actually make a LOT of different styles of window treatments. Unfortunately, I am limited to images that clients think to send me after they have hung the treatments. So we do not have an image of all that we can do. If there is something you would like done, please don't hesitate to ask us if we can recreate it. 

See something you like somewhere? Get a picture and send it to us! I am confident we'll be able to provide you with the design you want in your unique window size. 

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