Monday, September 1, 2014

Returning to the blog world!

Hello readers! We have spent this year up till now restructuring the business. We now have a much more efficient way of handling orders and have an extremely talented team assembled and ready to tend to your window treatment needs.

We have a great team assembled. Allow me to introduce them. First, if you aren't talking directly to me then you are talking to Ashley Peters! Ashley lives in Oceanside, California. She is a veterinary technician and in the Army Reserves! AND she answers our emails, distributes quotes and addresses many of the questions our clients may have.

This is Ashley with 8 Saint Bernard puppies she helped deliver a few months prior to the photo.

Natasha Hartman lives in Madison, Wisconsin and makes our Flat Roman Shades. She is currently learning the Greek Key Roman Shade as well. She is mom to a two year old daughter and maybe more coming soon, but that's not my business to share. . .  ;)

Karyn McBride lives in Tucson, Arizona and makes Flat Roman Shades and Relaxed Roman shades. She is mom to a daughter and is taking a little break from working for us as she expects baby #2 any day now!

Shantelle McBride lives in Peyton, Colorado and makes our Flat Roman Shades, Ribbon Trim Roman Shades and Cordless Roman Shades. She is mom to four! Shantelle and Karyn are married to brothers. So they are sisters in law. Lots of fun!

Heather Pilz lives in Clay, New York. She makes our Flat Roman Shades and our Nonfunctioning Roman Shades. She is mom to three, two daughters and a son. She has been with our team the longest of its current members.

Jeanelle Stark lives in Roanoke, Virginia (with me)! She makes our Flat Classic Shades and Nonfunctioning Roman Shades. She is mom to four boys! It's nice to have a seamstress that lives nearby!

Janeen Syme is returning to our team. She was with us a few years ago and is coming back! I consider myself very lucky to have her rejoining the team. She made lots of customers happy in her time with us :) She is mom to two daughters and a son and lives in Orem, Utah.

And let's not forget Garren, my husband. :) He cuts all the mounting blocks and dowels. And he keeps the books for the business. He is. . .  well, amazing, supportive, encouraging, . .  you name it!

And there is me, Melissa Laymon. I am mom to one son and one daughter. We all live in Roanoke, Virginia. I make all the styles of window treatments :)

And we are pleased to be adding Batya and Leena Harrel to the team! They are currently in training and will be making Flat Roman Shades, curtain panels and valances. They will be joining our team in September. I also hope to add another member from my husband's family in California. She is very talented and I hope to convince her to hop on board!

We've got a solid team of extremely talented women and we're ready to handle this upcoming holiday season. The fall and winter are our busiest times as people prepare their homes to receive guests during the holidays. If you haven't started thinking about that, get some ideas together and send them our way! We're ready for you!

I have trained all of these women myself and they have been on them team for several months now. I've been waiting to introduce them because I've been taking the time to make sure they put the Window Treatments by Melissa standard into each of their pieces. And after a few months on board, I am now confident in saying that each of this woman will deliver a quality product that will meet your needs and be a pleasing addition to your home. We take care to mind even the smallest of details here at Window Treatments by Melissa. You can expect quality functional products when you order from WTbM.

I hope you will consider us for your window treatment needs. Please contact us and let  us know your ideas. Share your inspiration photos with us and we will provide you with custom window treatments that will complete the look and feel you are trying to achieve in your home.

Thank you for considering us and for reading our blog. I look forward to hearing from you and creating something beautiful for your home.


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